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Collagen expertise for healthy muscles, joints, bones, teeth and skin*

Keep active: look good, feel good naturally**

*Made with natural ingredients. **Proteins contribute to the maintenance of muscle mass and normal bones. Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for proper bone, cartilage, gum, teeth hand skin function.


Made with high-quality and traceable natural food ingredients; porcine source is the closest collagen to what is inside our bodies.


No chemical nasties or residues. No chemicals used in the manufacturing process.

Digestible & Easily Absorbed

In our bodies, collagen is broken down by enzymes, called hydrolysis, like the ones in our digestive system, making is easier to digest and our body to make better use of (digest) it.

Free From

Fats, sugars, sweeteners, colourants, preservatives, allergens and GMO*. *Genetically modified organisms.


Made to the strictest of health standards and regulations.




Already loved by thousands of people across the globe, read their Colnatur stories here, plus those people in the UK, the first to try Colnatur

I’ve been taking it every morning for about a year now. A small cupful in my coffee or tea relleved my knee pain. And I’m still taking it.

Mer Tole

I have had a very good and positive experience. I think that collagen helps my muscles and joints to work better and without pain. I walk a great deal every day, for work and also because I like it, and because I really do feel better, so a bit of extra help is always welcome.

Zulema Pontes Vidal

My experience with Colnatur has been very positive, since my hair, skin and nails all look a lot better. In the past, when I used to work out on the exercise bike at home, my entire left leg would hurt, but now I hardly notice it and I have much more stamina.

Mari Jose Angulo