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Collagen for Hair

The functions of collagen in the body are diverse. However, collagen is mainly responsible for providing cohesion, resistance and flexibility to the tissues where it is found. As a result, collagen acts as a support element in the tissues of the joint (cartilage, ligaments and tendons), the bones and the skin, the wall of the blood vessels, the ocular cornea, dentine in our teeth, the gums and the connective tissue that protects our muscles and organs. But the wonders of collagen do not stop here.

Collagen also plays a key role with our hair, with research showing that it helps promote strong hair, while a deficiency of this nutrient would cause it to be brittle and dull, without shine.1 When the hair is weak and breaks easily, a lower capillary density is found that feeds the hair and this can be due to a lack of collagen, causing hair loss. Read on to find out how collagen is a hair health and wellness essential too.

#1. Collagen promotes keratin formation: Hair is mainly composed of a protein called keratin, which is responsible for giving our hair a shine, together with elasticity and strong appearance. Different amino acids are needed to produce keratin, some of which are present in collagen. Among them proline, which is the main component of keratin, helps provide this protein from foods rich in collagen [RL5]. If your diet lacks foods full of collagen, then a food supplement helps provide the amino acids necessary for the formation of keratin and as a result a hair wellness must.

#2. Collagen helps promote strong hair: Thanks to collagen decreasing significantly with age, our skin looses its firmness and elasticity. Joint pain or other musculoskeletal troubles (e.g., osteoporosis) may appear, together with a deterioration in sight and changes in our teeth and gums. However, a lack of collagen in the skin affects the structure of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin, where this protein gives its firmness and elasticity. The dermis is also the layer in which hair follicles form. This is why it is believed that the loss of collagen as a result of age could contribute to hair weakness and hair loss.

#3. Hydrolysed collagen for hair: The good news is that collagen supplements can help prevent hair loss. However, hydrolysed collagen supplements such as the Colnatur range (link to the shop) tick all the boxes because they are pure, natural and digestible, ensuring the body’s collagen levels are boosted. In addition, the Colnatur range (link to shop) includes vitamin C, essential for the natural formation of collagen and the protection of cells against oxidative damage. Stress, a poor diet or sun exposure all cause free radicals which are bad news for the health and wellness of our body cells as they attack the health of those cells. That’s why bridging collagen dietary gaps is a must and the Colnatur range is a best in class, evidence back hydrolysed collagen range. (link to the shop)


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