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Let's keep fighting to enjoy each day

We are already in February 2021 as I write this article, and I have a very strange temporary feeling; I get the impression that in these pandemic months, time has run very slowly, especially during confinement, but at the same time it has passed very quickly, I don't know.

For me this feeling is not new, a few years ago, back in April 2016, I had another personal "confinement”, due to a serious fall while doing canyoning in the Picos de Europa.

A complicated break in my right leg, specifically the malleolus of the tibia and the neck of the fibula, made me recover for a few long months without leaving home. From the sofa to the bed, and from the bed to the sofa, with my leg in a cast high and severe pain that every night would not let me sleep.

But, at the same time, my desire to stay active, to be motivated to move forward and get out of the hole, doing upper body exercises, reading books and sports magazines, helped the days shorten and were the key to quickly turn the page before this sudden change in routine.

And it should be noted that, in one of these magazines, an advertisement about Colnatur and its natural collagen, made from natural ingredients , caught my attention .

Before I was reluctant to take any food supplement, I saw it unnecessary, but after consulting with my rehabilitation physio, who highly recommended taking collagen protein to help my leg recovery, I started to try the one I saw in the magazine.

Since then, I take it with my breakfasts. Every morning I pour the content of the Colnatur Sport Neutral flavour dispenser into my coffee with milk, adding that contribution of collagen protein, magnesium, manganese, zinc and vitamins B and C, thus contributing to the maintenance and functioning of my cartilage, muscles and bones, and thus also reducing the fatigue and tiredness that I accumulate throughout the day.

And I have to say that since taking it I have noticed a great improvement in general, but especially in my leg. Now I am 100% recovered, without any sequelae and I can continue doing everything that I am passionate about: from mountain and rope sports, to water and wind activities.

Let's keep fighting to enjoy each day.

My name is Denis, Colnatur athlete and great adventurer.

Much encouragement! See you soon again together for nature.

Denis S. (@denisaiz)