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Tuna Bombs

Ingredients for one serving

1 scoop of Colnatur Complex Sabor Neutro®

1 tin light tuna in oil

1 small potato, approx. 150 g

1 egg

20 g breadcrumbs

A pinch of sweet paprika

A pinch of pepper

A pinch of salt



  1. Boil the potato in a saucepan of water.
  2. Peel and mash the potato into a purée with the help of a fork. Add the salt.
  3. Drain and flake the tuna into a bowl. Add the scoop of Colnatur®.
  4. Take a small amount of potato purée and fill it with a little of the tuna mix.
  5. Shape it into a ball.
  6. Mix the breadcrumbs with the pepper and paprika in a plate.
  7. Beat the egg and dip the potato ball into it, then roll it in the breadcrumb mixture.
  8. Fry until golden.



  • The combination of ingredients in this recipe provides a complete source of protein due to the Colnatur® and tuna.
  • Tuna is an important source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is an essential fatty acid, that is to say, it cannot be made by the body and therefore has to be ingested through food.
  • The tuna bomb can be baked in the oven instead of frying to reduce the fat and calorie content.


Nutritional value (per person)

Energy value: 509 Kcal

Proteins: 44.23 g

Carbohydrates: 45.65 g