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Why do I need collagen?

There is more and more talk about the properties of collagen. In fact, it is one of the most popular food supplements despite it being questioned as to why we need collagen.  Here are a few reasons why we need to make collagen a dietary must.

#1. Collagen – a natural protein: Collagen is a protein that is naturally present in some foods such as meat and fish. But there are few foods rich in collagen and the bad news is that this protein is only found in notable amounts in certain foods. For example, bone broth or beef tripe, foods often avoided by many of us and that require long cooking. Hence why we all need to bridge our dietary gaps when it comes to collagen. Shop here.

#2. Hydrolysed collagen food supplements – what’s all the hype about? Hydrolysed collagen is a protein from animal sources. Hydrolysed just means that it has gone through a process that mimics digestion and as a result allows our body to absorb it much more easily. And taking a hydrolysed collagen is much better for us as it is the most optimal way to incorporate this vital protein into our diet. But most importantly, hydrolysed collagen is a natural, contributing nutritional support keeping our muscles, joints and bones, through all life stages healthy. Shop here.

#3. Hydrolysed Collagen – a dietary must have: We all start losing collagen from the age of 25 to 30 years (1). In fact, we lose around 1.5% per year of collagen which accelerates after the age of 45. Athletes or those who perform physical exercise or load weights regularly should take hydrolysed collagen as a supplement to ensure good muscle, joint and bone health daily. And that’s because the wear and tear on their joints is much more premature due to the demands of such activity on the body. Those people in their 50s and postmenopausal women, plus the elderly should also make collagen a vital nutrient must as their bodies need it thanks to the protein disappearing fast in these life stages (2,3).The properties of collagen in the skin have also made it a common consumer product among those who care about their appearance. The same goes for collagen for hair.

#4. Colnatur: Natural, Pure, Digestive Collagen – why it is best in class

It is true that when it comes to determining whether taking collagen is good or bad, the type of food supplement has a lot to do with it. In the case of Colnatur®, all its products contain natural and pure collagen. As a result, the natural raw materials used in Colnatur® Shop here. and its manufacturing processes avoid all the chemical nasties and residues in the product. This means that Colnatur® hydrolysed collagen can be taken continuously, without the need for rest periods. In addition, because the hydrolysed collagen used in all the Colnatur products mimics the body’s digestion processes it means our bodies can use it optimally.

Regarding how collagen should be taken, a frequent question is whether it is good to take hydrolysed collagen at night. The time of day does not influence the properties of the product, so you can take it whenever you want. What is recommended is to always consume it at a specific time of the day, so that it becomes a habit and you do not forget.


* Proteins help preserve muscle mass and maintain bones under normal conditions.



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